Promoting your home improvement services online is not as difficult as you may believe, but it’s not exactly easy either. Home improvement is a service that enjoys fairly steady demand, considering people want changes and repairs made to their homes throughout the year and it’s not always straightforward to determine when a consumer might need to engage your services.

However, there’s more than a little competition in the home improvement business which is why we say that promoting such a service online is not always easy. After all, how do you manage to zero down on the marketing strategy that works best for your business without dedicating a great amount of time and money to the same? Well, the first step you can take in this regard is to find the right placements for your home improvement ads.

Again, this is a lot easier said than done and finding websites to feature such ads can be quite a task. However, if you do manage to find the perfect website for your ads, you can be sure that it’ll help improve your conversion rate and subsequently boost revenue for your business. Therefore, the importance of finding ad placements here cannot be undermined.

Keeping the following tips in mind will not only help you find great websites to feature ads for your home improvement business, but they’ll also help you to execute your Digital Marketing Strategy effectively.

Look For Websites Online

Let’s start with the most elementary method of looking for home improvement websites: Googling them. After all, what could be a more effective method of finding the most popular and reputed sites that could potentially feature Display Ads for your business? The fastest way to go about this is to enter a few popular phrases in Google’s search bar and examine the results that show up.

To get you started, a few examples of phrases you could use to find home improvement services online are: ‘Home AC unit’, ‘HVAC repair’, ‘Heating and cooling services’, ‘Wet basement’, ‘Flood damage repair services’, ‘Construction services’ and more. You can feel free and get creative here by looking for popular words and phrases related to your service.

The idea here is to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer looking for different home improvement services and Google whatever you think they would Google in these situations. The examples we’ve given you above are mainly related to repair services but you can change it up and search for specific services that you provide as this will help you find websites that feature similar services.

For instance, if your niche is providing remodeling services then you could consider looking up phrases like ‘Home remodeling’, ‘Home renovation services’……you get the idea. The top websites you’ll find on Google are usually the most popular and reliable sites online that could feature ads for your services therefore it would be worth your time to check these out.

Engage An Expert

Even though home improvement is a fairly popular service, it’s not exactly a cakewalk to promote it. Since it’s a service that people require regularly, it can be fairly challenging to find marketing strategies through which you can stand out among your competitors. This is unless you choose to engage the services of a PPC expert.

Such experts can help create and sculpt your brand image and establish your online presence. A PPC expert who is familiar with the nuances of Digital Marketing will be able to find creative solutions to promote your home improvement services online. You won’t need to worry about finding websites to feature your ads if you hire an expert as they’d likely do this for you. This is especially true if you hire a PPC agency rather than an individual as an agency can assign different individuals to tackle various aspects of your advertising campaign.

PPC experts specialize in adding the right keywords to your ads and have expert knowledge on how to make your ads stand out from others across the internet from the same industry. You can expect these specialists to oversee various aspects of the advertising process, right from developing a strategy to analyzing the performance of your Display Ads online.

However, you’ll have to consider the fact that hiring a PPC expert or agency rarely comes cheap, especially if you’re expecting them to look for ad placements for you alongside designing your ads. Therefore, it’s always advisable to weigh the cost of engaging a PPC expert against the effort and time it’ll take you to find websites by yourself. Even though these experts can get the job done as thoroughly as possible, it may just be more cost-effective to do it yourself.

Use Online Tools

There are several tools online that can provide you with an algorithm and find placements for your home improvement services. These tools don’t usually come cheap but we’d say they’re worth it if they’re effective. One such tool is our tool which will allow you to have a personalized algorithm that will search the internet and find you the best websites to feature your ads on.

Our tool may not be free, but it’s a lot cheaper than hiring a PPC expert or additional employee to get the job done. Besides, we provide you with great customer support services in addition to our tool as our experts are always willing to answer your queries and help you get started on your digital marketing journey. We offer to look for websites on various products and services including home improvement services, so you can rest assured that your advertising needs are well taken care of with us.

Are you ready to try out our tool now? Let’s give it a shot then!