It’s not always easy to find websites to feature Display Ads for your business, especially when you’re talking about ads for services like insurance. This is mainly because insurance is one of those services that have universal appeal. After all, there are insurance policies for healthcare, automobiles, property, electronics, and more these days. Therefore, now more than ever, it’s not just the middle-aged group of people looking to purchase insurance, younger people (as young as those in their early 20s) are starting to understand the benefits of investing in an insurance policy as well, which only makes this particular industry more competitive.

Besides, the average person who purchases insurance these days is likely to have done their research beforehand and compared prices from different companies across different websites. In such a scenario, it doesn’t seem unlikely that you’ll find many websites that get good traffic and don’t already feature ads from one or more of your competitors. In other words, without the right tools in your arsenal, you may be fighting an uphill battle when it comes to choosing the right placements for your insurance business ads.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll take you through the basics of what you need to take into account before you make your choice.

 Evaluate The Website

When determining what kind of website you want to feature your ads on, you’ll need to take a few factors into account. Let’s start with the websites you should be looking at. Arguably the most important factor here would be the popularity of the website and the kind of traffic it attracts. For instance, it wouldn’t be a good idea to purchase advertising spaces on websites that have mostly teenage visitors. Why would such an audience be interested in purchasing insurance? So keep this in mind first: target audience.

Once you’ve narrowed down the websites that attract your target audience, consider the reputation of these sites. There are loads of websites out there that enjoy good traffic and may even allow you to advertise on them at an affordable price. However, most of these websites turn out to be shady and unreliable. The last thing you want is for potential customers to be introduced to your brand via these websites. Bear in mind that the platform you use to advertise is a reflection of your brand, so you want to cultivate your image very carefully.

Picking out a website that receives traffic from your target audience and enjoys a good reputation may not be as simple as I’m making it sound, but there are many ways in which to achieve this. I’ll discuss some of them in detail below.

 Take Help From Google

This is one of the easiest if not the easiest and quickest ways of determining which websites are best-suited to featuring ads for your insurance company. A few keywords such as ‘car insurance’, ‘full coverage auto insurance’, ‘auto insurance cover’, ‘car insurance company near me’, and ‘cheap auto insurance’ ought to get you started. Once you enter these keywords into Google’s search bar, it’ll give you a bunch of websites on which you’d be able to find insurance ads from companies, not unlike yours.

Granted, these ads sites almost certainly feature Display Ads from your competitors (and you know the insurance industry has some big ones) – not that this should stop you from advertising on these websites anyway. This is good so long as the website doesn’t belong to one of your competitors.

Hire A PPC Expert

Finding a website to feature your ads is not enough if your ads are not well-designed and can’t capture the attention of viewers. Think about it: a website with good traffic already has various ads (often on the same page) competing for a viewer’s attention so if you want your ad to stand out, you’ll need to put in the work for it….or you know, you could hire a PPC expert.

These professionals will know the best Ad Words that would work for your insurance business and can find creative ways in which to frame the features of your business and the services you’re offering. Not only do PPC experts design effective Display Ads for you, but they also work on finding the best placements for your ads. In other words, you could hire a PPC specialist to look for websites too, which saves you the time and effort of doing so yourself. Besides, since they possess the necessary expertise in promoting various businesses online, they’re likely to do a better job than you are when it comes to finding placements.

Use Our Platform

While you can follow the previous tips and either look for sites yourself or hire a PPC expert to do it for you, you need to consider whether or not these options are best suited to your needs. For instance, to save on time you may hire a PPC expert, but this could turn out to be expensive and it’s not likely that a PPC expert from an agency will devote adequate time to your business. This won’t be the case if you choose to use our platform.

Our tool provides you with an algorithm that allows you to find the best websites to feature ads on your insurance business. In doing so, it gives you great placements in the fraction of the time it would’ve taken you to find them by yourself. Sure, you’ll need to pay for it, but not as much as you would’ve paid to hire a PPC expert long-term. You can reach out to our team whenever you like who are more than happy to assist you in finding the best platforms to promote your insurance company successfully.

Hopefully, you’re convinced by now about how great our tool is and how much it can benefit your business. So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin!