Finding websites to promote your ads isn’t the easiest task at the best of times, and these are hardly the best of times. Why aren’t these the best of times, you ask? There’s too much competition in the Display Ad world, I reply. Think about it, with hundreds of search results competing for a viewer’s attention, what are the chances of standing out from the crowd? Yes, pretty slim.

Making good-quality display ads (both video and static) is just one step in the pyramid of marketing your business online. The other steps include placing your ads, analyzing the response they’ve received, and much more. In this article, we’ll tackle the placement aspect of display advertising, with special emphasis on placements for gaming ads.

Now, maybe you have a gaming app, a website, or a gaming device you wish to promote online. First things first, good choice! With millions of people across the world spending large chunks of their time online, the audience to view such ads is larger than ever before. This is especially true for those ads that feature video games, simply because video games have an ever-increasing market.

Therefore, in other words, you have a ready audience for your ads, now all you need to do is to reach it. In the following sections, we’ll talk about the simplest ways in which you can find the best website placements for your gaming services. Read on to learn more.

Google Gaming Websites

More often than not, simple advice plays its part better than you’d think. Google is often the first place we look to for pretty much everything, regardless of the kind of product or service we’re looking for. So, it makes sense to turn to Google for website placements as well, right? Think about it this way, anyone looking for online games or tools is likely to perform a Google search for the same.

So, there’s more than a casual chance of them seeing your ads crop up on any gaming website that features at the top of Google’s search results. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should feature your ads on Google’s top results. These results could include your rival sites and you don’t want to feature your ads there!

Therefore, you shouldn’t use Google with your eyes closed and expect to find good quality placements, a little research on your part would go a long way in this case. Also, if you need help with the phrases you should enter into Google’s search bar to find gaming sites, try these:

  •         Gaming sites for free
  •         Gaming sites in XYZ (your country)
  •         Best gaming sites
  •         Free games online

These are generic phrases that don’t require too much imagination on your part. So, it makes sense that conjuring them up won’t be a very time-consuming (or costly) task. However, if you’re currently busy with setting up or running your business, then don’t fret, there are better ways to find gaming ad placements online.

Hire A PPC Expert To Find Sites

This solution is admittedly much costlier than using Google to find sites, but it’s also a lot more effective. A PPC expert is trained to find the best placements to boost your visibility and establish your presence online. Hiring them might be expensive, but the results you’ll achieve from doing so might exceed what you paid for them in the long run.

These individuals can find website placements faster than you can, and weed out the good results from the bad ones. This is something that’s sorely lacking in the Google search method. After all, not every result that Google throws at you is worth investing in, for more than one reason. The foremost of these reasons is that there are unreliable sites on the internet that dupe users with fraudulent ads.

If you place ads for your game (or games) alongside such ads, it would lend a bad reputation to your company and compel users to hesitate before clicking on your ads. In other words, placing your ads on such sites can do you more harm than good. With the help of a PPC expert, you can avoid this scenario altogether. These experts can tell which sites are reputable and which aren’t pretty easily and can save you from making a colossal display advertising mistake.

Use Our Tool To Find Sites

If you’re not satisfied with either of the previous options or would like a more creative solution, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve developed a tool that can find the best ad placements for your gaming services online in no time. This tool is adept at crafting a unique algorithm for your ads to sift through hundreds, even thousands of websites.

Through this tool, we find the best sites to place your gaming ads on to boost your conversion rates like never before. The sites we can find for you tick all the boxes regarding affordability, traffic, website reliability, and much more. So all you need to do is sit back and watch our tool work its magic, as it has many times before.

Since there aren’t many tools like ours available today, we understand if you have some queries regarding how it works. Our dedicated team of professionals is more than happy to assist you and explain the specifics of how it works. Also, even though we offer you premium services, our tool is much more affordable than hiring a marketing agency or PPC expert to look for online placements.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s start right away!