Most of those that run businesses related to gardening services or products don’t generally have all the time in the world to sit around designing an elaborate Ad Campaign. After all, a great deal of work goes into making sure a gardening service is up to the mark and able to meet demand with adequate staff. Speaking of demand, the gardening industry in the U.S. alone is so huge that it brings in tens of billions of dollars in revenue each year!

With such high revenue coming in, it’s hardly surprising that gardening companies can now afford to spend adequate money to design and execute successful ad campaigns. Think about it, aren’t you seeing more ads for gardening products and services than you did before? And aren’t these ads getting more creative and engaging every year? It doesn’t take an eagle-eyed observer to tell the difference between a good and a subpar one.

However, at times, it doesn’t matter if the Display Ads you come up with (or hire someone to come up with!) are top-notch unless you feature them on the right websites. Sure, a good ad will be able to grab a viewer’s attention anytime, anywhere, but if the website you’ve chosen to place your ad on doesn’t receive enough traffic (or the right kind of traffic) this doesn’t count for much. To garner meaningful engagement from customers, you would need to ensure that the site you choose is ideal for your gardening service instead of opting for the first site you come across that has good traffic and doesn’t charge you much to advertise on.

 But how do you go about finding such sites? It’s easy! All you need to do is keep these steps in mind to help you seek out the perfect websites to run your display ads on for maximum impact.

 Befriend Google

Google’s search bar is your new best friend if finding website placements is what you need right now. With the introduction of Google’s Ad Words, everyone knows that keywords matter. By entering the right words or phrases into the search bar, Google will cough up the top results of gardening-related sites that feature the kind of ads that you have. If you’re at a loss of what to type into the search bar, here are a few examples:

  •         Gardening services near me
  •         Gardening products online
  •         Gardening tools online
  •         Gardening products review
  •         Gardening shops near me

See? The phrases aren’t very difficult to conjure up if you have a vague idea of what people would likely think of when looking for gardening services or products in their vicinity. A few minutes of your time should suffice to enter to look for sites on Google that you could potentially feature your Display Ads on to reach out to customers and boost sales.

Look To A PPC Expert

Sure, it only takes a few minutes to look for sites on Google, but it takes a great deal more time to find sites that are both reputable and receive a healthy amount of traffic. In other words, entering words into Google’s search bar is just one of the steps involved in finding the ideal site to promote your gardening business on. The subsequent services involved are more complicated and time-consuming.

Therefore, if you can’t find the time to put in the research required to zero down on an appropriate website, you should consider hiring a PPC expert for the same. These individuals are highly skilled and adept at keeping your requirements in mind to zero down on the kind of sites that are sure to bring you positive engagement from viewers. Besides, such professionals can take care of other aspects of your marketing needs as well, such as graphic design and SEO.

You could always have your marketing department take care of this if you have one. But in case you don’t, hiring a PPC expert or agency can get the job done just as well, if not better. Moreover, having someone else take care of your website placements will leave you with more time on your hands to focus on rendering quality gardening products and services to consumers. It’ll also allow you to dedicate your efforts towards expanding your business and accommodating more customers, something that good quality Display Ads featured on the right platforms are sure to bring you.

How We Can Help

The luxury of hiring a PPC expert or agency is sure to cost you dearly, especially if you opt for those professionals or agencies that are highly reputed and known to handle various large clients. Besides, the money you pay for such services isn’t always worth it considering you won’t necessarily receive the kind of customized ad placements solutions you’d need to promote your gardening services. Know what would be worth it, though?

Having a service that could accommodate your requirements at an affordable price, a service that you could trust to be effective. That’s exactly what we do – provide you with a placement tool so powerful that it creates an algorithm tailored to your gardening services company. If you aren’t very familiar with how such a tool works, our team of dedicated experts is more than happy to help you out and guide you towards making the right choice to expand your business. Our tool will make it easy for you to find the most highly reputed sites to feature your ads on and in no time, you’ll likely find yourself handling more clients than ever before.

Do you see how we can help you achieve your business-related goals? Perfect. Let’s start working together!