More often than not, finding websites to have your Ads featuring in can be a very hard and exhausting process where nothing seems to be good enough. Either they have too much unrelated traffic, or the website itself looks a little sketchy, or it’s not popular enough, or it’s way too popular so you can’t afford it, or many other inquiries that any type of business may face before choosing the targeting for their Ads. And this takes special relevance when the business in question is an educational one. So today, we’ll dive into why it seems so hard, and how to fight the placements-managing battles properly. 

Educational businesses (either online courses, schools and universities’ websites, webinars, seminars, educational podcasts, among many others), from the beginning, have a lot of checkboxes to fill up. They have to be serious enough so people can trust them, yet attractive enough people want to convert. They have to fulfill their country or state’s laws and requirements to actually teach people legally. They have to have a variety of offers that’s appealing enough for people to want to enroll in, and realistic so they can actually make it happen. And this is just to name a few of the many problems educational businesses face when deciding to go live. 

And once that’s all settled, the advertising issue comes along. Let’s say you hired a great PPC, and he wrote a great copy, designed it beautifully, and figured out the whole launching strategy. But something’s missing: Who will actually click on your Ad? Well, that depends on where you place it. And where you place it is another battle. First, you have to find a bunch of websites that may receive traffic that could happen to be interested in what you are promoting. And then, you have to make sure those websites also fulfill the expectations that you have for your own website because, you know, Google may not like it if your Ads are featured on some scammy website. 

The second aspect of the battle can be solved pretty simply by just looking over the sites, and making sure they look decent enough to have your Ads hosted by them. The real battle now will be the first one: How will you manage to find all these sites that are relevant to your Ad strategy? That’s what we’ll be discussing today. So let’s dive into a -hopefully useful- guide on how to find the sites that will be a perfect host for your Ads. 

Literally searching through Google 

As simple as it may seem, this is literally the #1 way to go if you want to find the placements on your own. So if you are looking for websites related to your educational purposes, you should go ahead and search for stuff related to it. Some examples could be: “Online learning”, “Online learning forums”, “Getting a degree online”, “Certificated degrees online”, “Online university”, “Online college”, “Online language courses”, “Language learning softwares”, “Higher education online”, “Finish school online”. And so the list goes, along with many other options for Google searches that can relate to your business. And once you have collected a decent amount, you’ll go ahead and set your Google Ads to be featured in them. 

Just as a side note, make sure that you don’t choose a competitor’s website to have your Ads featured in, no matter how much related traffic they get. Remember Google rewards sites that host and run Ads, and you don’t want your competition to get closer to the top of Google’s Search Results because of you, do you? 

Hiring a PPC Specialist 

There are a lot of great PPCs looking for jobs, and a lot of them would love to be a part of an educational initiative. A specialist can be a great move to make when you don’t want to do it yourself, and you want to find someone you can be on top of while they do it. If this is your case, then you should post a Job Offer looking for a PPC expert that’s a specialist in managed placements and has a background in educational business, and start your interviewing process. Of course, this will take some time to find the PPC meant for you, but, once you do find it, you’ll be sure that they’ll do a fantastic job. And even if it’s not free, you should always think through the trade-off of having an employee dedicated to having your Ads succeed. 

Using our platform! 

You didn’t think we were going to let this opportunity go by, did you? Of course, doing it for yourself and hiring a long-term specialist are great options, but are they really the best for you? By choosing to get a managed placements tool such as ours, you are choosing to have an algorithm (you know, those software things that never miss a shot) personalized for your own Ads that will go through the whole Internet and look for websites that are absolute perfect fits for you. Again, this is not a free service, but it probably will be cheaper than a long-term employee. And again, you have to go through the trade-off of having a tool that literally all it does is look for great websites to match, besides our awesome team ready to help you. Educational websites? Easy peasy, our tool will find the best fits for you, either you run an online college, a website about different seminars, or any business you choose to run. 

So did you make your choice yet? That’s great!

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