Clothing websites are generally a treasure trove for Display Ads since they attract so much traffic. Think about it, is there anyone you know who hasn’t purchased at least one piece of clothing online? Most of us are guilty of skipping a trip to the local mall for the joy of sitting in our PJs and scrolling through fashion websites that have great offerings. And if we’re being honest here, the guilt over this is slowly fading considering how convenient it is to sit in the comfort of our homes (especially during a pandemic!) and purchase clothes online.

This is why placing ads on such sites can be beneficial for ad agencies and companies now more than ever – they attract great traffic. You can be sure that most advertising agencies have already recognized this fact and churned out ad after ad to be placed on clothing and apparel sites. The amount of positive engagement that these ads garner is through the roof, if they’re well-targeted, that is.

To ensure your ads are well-targeted, you’ll need to find the best clothing sites to feature them on. Since nearly all major clothing sites feature Display Ads, this can be quite a task if you don’t know how to go about it. Therefore, in the following sections, we’ll take you through some of how you can find clothing sites to feature your Display Ads on.

Use Google

You only need to type a few simple words in Google’s ever-inviting search bar for it to spill hundreds of site suggestions. Granted, some of these may be sponsored sites, but most of them are of great quality. If you’re willing to pay the big bucks to have your ads featured online, then Google’s top suggestions ought to suit your needs.

However, if you’re not entirely sure what to type into the search bar, here are a few suggestions to help you kick start your ad campaign.

  •         Best clothing sites online
  •         Affordable clothing online
  •         Online clothing stores
  •         Clothing sites for women
  •         Clothing sites for kids

A few minutes (or seconds!) worth of brainstorming should give you a fairly clear idea of what you can type in the search bar. After this, you’re left to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of suggestions which, let’s be honest, can take up hours, maybe even days of your time. Besides, it’s not always easy to tell which of these sites are reputable and which aren’t.

With increased competition online among apparel stores, it’s no surprise that more and more of them seem to be cropping every few weeks or months. However, the question is: which of these sites are genuine? Good question! The answer? Not all of them. Sounds vague but it’s true all the same. There are so many fraudulent websites out there today that sell clothing online. Therefore, it’s difficult to say which of these are genuine and which of these are essentially scamming people. It can take a great deal of research to tell the difference between the two.

Since so many people are facing bad experiences with online shopping (orders not getting delivered, products received of inferior quality than mentioned on the site, etc.), ad agencies should take extra care while placing ads on such sites. After all, if you place an ad on such a site, the reputation of your company is likely to suffer because of the reputation of the site you’re advertising on.

Hire A PPC Specialist

If you don’t have the time to (or simply don’t want to) put in the research and figure out which clothing sites would be perfect to feature your ads on, then you could always hire a PPC expert or agency to do it for you. These professionals are highly skilled and can find you the sites that you’re looking for in no time. They’ll put in all the research that’s required to separate the fraudulent websites from the genuine ones, thereby placing your ads where it would benefit them to be seen.

The advantage of hiring a PPC expert here is that they generally have niche knowledge on many aspects of marketing, not just ad placement. Therefore, you can entrust your online marketing campaign to these individuals and forget about it…..okay, not forget about it, but reduce your involvement in it. Also, in doing so, you can free up your time and other resources to focus on other aspects of your business that might require more attention.

Enlist Our Help

We’re more than happy to help you find the right sites to place your display ads on if you only give us the chance. That’s why we created a great tool that searches through scores of sites to lay down only the best ones at your feet. In this way, we can help your ads receive more positive engagement than they ever have before. With well-targeted ad placements come greater visibility and brand awareness, which ultimately drives meaningful engagement from viewers.

We’ll be sure to find you the most highly reputed sites that receive a healthy amount of traffic to feature your ads on. How? Our tool will craft an algorithm for you through which we can narrow down your search results and leave you with only the best placement options. Besides, it’s notably cheaper to use our tool than it is to hire a long-term employee such as a PPC expert to do the same.

If you require assistance or would like to learn more about how our tool works, you can get in touch with our experts who are highly knowledgeable and quite approachable. Are you satisfied with what we’ve told you regarding our tool? That’s fantastic, let’s get started right away!