There are scores of websites online that deal with medical and health insurance services. Think about it, every time someone you know has so much as a common cold they Google their symptoms to check out what’s wrong with them and what remedies they can follow. Therefore, it’s no surprise that these websites provide the perfect platform on which you can run Display Ads for your medical services.

The same can be said for health insurance. After all, what better place is there to promote health insurance than on websites that break down illnesses to visitors? Once visitors on these sites understand the implications of what they’re going through, they’re likely to be looking for solutions for the same and fast. Therefore, an ad for your medical services is likely to propel them into action in no time. Now you can see why ads for the healthcare industry have high click-through rates (CTRs).

However, websites that provide information on common illnesses to users are not the only places to run Display Ads for healthcare services. Several online pharmaceutical stores sell medicines online and make the perfect platform for you to run your ads. In other words, there’s more than one category of website available out there to give your medical services the exposure you need.

So where are these websites and how do you start advertising on them? Let’s find out.

Do Your Own Research

Sometimes, it’s best to rely on no one but yourself to get the job done when it comes to Digital Marketing. After all, who knows your company and the services you offer customers better than you do? Now, we’re not saying that you should do all the work by yourself to create Display Ads. For instance, you don’t need to get involved in graphic design or copywriting, you can leave that to the experts. You can, however, work on finding placements for your Display Ads online.

A few minutes should suffice to help you get acquainted with the best websites available to run your ads. All you need to do is use Google’s search bar and type in key phrases that’ll help you find websites on which you can advertise your medical services or health insurance. While you can totally get creative and think for a potential customer’s perspective to type in these key phrases, here are a few of the most popular phrases to help you get started:

  •         Long-term healthcare insurance
  •         Dental insurance
  •         Healthcare insurance companies
  •         Medical services at home
  •         Medical services near me

As you can see, finding the right phrases is not all that difficult. What most customers type in is quite generic and doesn’t take much imagination (or time) to get hold of. Once Google presents you with the top results for your searches, you can comb through these websites to determine which one would suit your business the best.

Above all, make sure you steer clear from shady or untrustworthy websites to run your medical services, no matter how much traffic these sites get. Honestly, think about it: would you trust a medical service if it ran its ads alongside ads like ‘Learn How To Make Money Easily While At Home Using THIS Trick’? Remember that your Display Ads help introduce you to potential customers who may not have heard of you before. First impressions matter here and you don’t want to be associated with websites with a bad reputation since that’s the reputation viewers will associate with your company as well.

Hire Someone To Help

Finding websites to run ads may only take a few minutes but that doesn’t mean you run your ads on the first great website you find. You’ll have to take several factors into account before you make your decision. These factors include the cost of running ads, the traffic that the site receives, competing ads on the site, and much more. Does this sound like more work than you can take out from your time running a medical service or health insurance company?

If it does, then know that you don’t have to do it all by yourself – you can hire a PPC expert to get the job done. These experts are not only skilled at handling the graphics and written content of your ads, but they’re experts at finding website placements as well. A PPC specialist should have no trouble finding the right kind of websites to place your medical services or health insurance ads. They’re sure to find sites that are highly reputed and fit snugly into your budget.

Allow Us To Help

While hiring a PPC expert can introduce you to the right kind of sites to run your ads, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. If you’re not willing to break the bank to find placements for your medical or health insurance services, you could always consider using our tool instead. Our tool creates an algorithm that’s tailored to your business needs to provide you with the best placements for your Display Ads.

What’s more, our service is easy on the pocket and you’re sure to find our team of dedicated experts to be friendly and approachable. If you entrust your ad placements to us, you can rest assured that we’ll find only the most highly reputed sites that receive the kind of traffic that can drive conversion rates for your business.

Well then, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started right away!