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Are Painfully Ineffective.
Let’s Fix That.

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We’ll Start With The Right Sites To Place Your Ads On Via Google Ads.

Most Display campaigns fail, overwhelmingly. The Open Secret to creating a deeply effective Adwords Display campaign is to find the right placements. And that’s the part of the process that our platform perfects, if you please. Perhaps!

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Laser-targeted Placements. Filtered by the right data: quality, conversion-likelihood & more.

You don’t need merely a good placement list — but you need the ability to filter them by the criteria you want to find the ones that are right for you. Want to find ones with so much traffic, in such-and-such location, in categories A and B, and so forth. You can slice and dice list to build the right one for you.

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Sites vetted, using machine learning, reducing the fraud risk.

But this isn’t only about getting the perfect audience for you, but also removing the sketchy, probably fraudulent (yeah, fraudulent!) sites that you always see show up on your Placement reports, eating up your impressions and clicks… even though, you take one look at the site and you know no human is actually going to that site, so no ‘conversion’ would actually buy.

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Narrow Placements Granularly By

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Key Features Include

Never waste time manually trying to find & vet sites yourself!

New features
coming soon!

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Works Perfectly With

…While Google Ignores Most Display Network Fraud 👿

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Our supporters have
awesome things to say!

This is a game-changer for PPC display.

Bobby Richardson, Idealgrowth

You guys are solving a very major pain-point.

Derek Gallardo

Until now, I’ve told new clients that display campaigns aren’t worth it. Now I can tell them that we should try display using your platform!

Samer Bazzi, Virtual Brix
Your whitelisting approach can be very powerful in limiting the huge whack-a-mole problem of display ad fraud.
Tony Zara, Irony Pulley
Targeting with Adwords’ parameters is a lost cause. I love your way of fixing this.
Justin Deye, Beson4
I’m not “against” display ads. I’m just against wasting a lot of money. You guys have a new idea that will save us from wasting money on display campaigns.
Petru Cretu, The Solutions Group
This will turn your display campaigns into NOT a giant dump of money
Desert Muserelli, Freelance PPC Manager