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Hey everyone —

We have exciting news. The PPC Club 83 community, over the last few years, has become such a wonderful space, with such constant conversations of high-quality, trusted people that we just enjoy discussing PPC & non-PPC issues as well as our weekly Alcohol & Advertising, that…

We decided to have a conference. And to go all out: in an exotic location for maximal focus and a wonderful experience.

So now, it is time to introduce you to….

The [Exact Match] Conference.

Check out our website for more information, or ping us about a one-pager.

In short:

  • An intimate session with fellow PPCs
  • Only high-quality, smart talks; no BS.
  • The speaker are the participants, not drones reading Powerpoints.
  • Conversations, not sessions that put you to sleep.

We like saying that we’re for “PPCs who are not NPCs” – and surely we can’t be the first people who have discovered that pun.

But the best parts? Outside the session.

It’s not “networking”; it’s just a group of wonderful people, getting to really know each other and spend time together, with PPC as our bond that connects us.

That’s why, after the 2-day conference, there’s an extra 3-days of coworking together! So you don’t fly in, go to a session, get a beer, then leave; but you can have two focused days and then a few calmer days to talk, brainstorm, get to know each other…

…and go out at night. And that’s the other thing that makes this conference unique: it’s location. It’s in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

A fun, exotic location, and a great place to visit.

And because it is so far and such an interesting place to go… that’s why we also have our concierge, Marta, to help you navigate the entire planning experience.

Sound interesting? Take a look at our site, and drop us a line if you have any questions.

PS: one of our favorite parts is the name we chose. [Exact Match] is a detail that only PPCs will understand (in-group lingo!), plus… that’s what we’re trying to create: a conference that is the exact match for what you’re looking for.