Running a software business takes up a good amount of resources, to begin with. Given how quickly technology changes are gripping the industry, it’s not surprising that software businesses have to put their best foot forward time and time again to stay ahead of the competition. In addition to staying on top of the game, it becomes increasingly difficult to figure out how you can best promote your business online.

We live in an age in which there’s no shortage of Digital Marketing solutions to bring your company into the public eye. Given that the software business is currently one of the most competitive businesses today, you’ll need to develop a sound marketing strategy to truly stand out among your competitors.

It’s more difficult for customers to trust your software business than it is for them to trust other businesses. This is mainly because software is intangible and it’s not easy for the average consumer to assess the quality of the software they’re planning on purchasing. Therefore, promoting software online can be an uphill battle for most companies in the industry, especially those who are just starting.

With the following tips in mind, however, you may just be able to find the right platforms and techniques to promote your software business online.

Find The Right Website

We know, we know, this is easier said than done but we thought we’d start with stating the obvious. It doesn’t matter if you’ve designed a highly effective Display Ad to promote your software business. Firstly, congrats if you have because that’s easier said than done as well. Secondly, great, now where do you feature this ad?

Various platforms across the internet would be happy to host your ads, some for exorbitant fees, others for more reasonable rates. However, just because a website is demanding more money to feature your ads doesn’t mean that it offers you a better click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate than others.

A website having highly coveted spaces to run Display Ads usually means that it has a good amount of traffic, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it has the right kind of traffic. You’ll want to first identify who your target audience is before you start looking out for websites to advertise on.

Another good tip to keep in mind here is to not opt for websites that are not well-reputed. No matter how cheap the advertising space on the site is or how much traffic it gets, if genuine customers see your ads on such websites, they’ll link the reputation (and not by Taylor Swift) of your company to that of that website. You can imagine how much damage this could cause to your brand image so it’s better to be safe than sorry here.

Use Google To Look For Sites

Google is your best friend when it comes to searching for websites that generally host ads for software companies. After all, this is hardly surprising considering Google is your best friend when it comes to looking for almost anything. Google features both top results for your searches and sponsored sites at the top of the page displaying your search results.

A good look at these results will give you a fair idea of which sites feature ads for software companies. Moreover, when you scroll through the content on these sites you’ll also be able to view what kind of Display Ads your competitors are coming up with. This can allow you to get creative and figure out ways in which you can make your ads better than theirs.

The most words and phrases that you enter in Google’s search bar when looking for websites to advertise your software business on are as follows:

  •         Customer support software
  •         Help desk software
  •         Free help desk ticketing system
  •         Call center software
  •         Sales CRM software
  •         Accounting software

These are just a few of the many phrases you could use to help you find some websites online that would be useful to feature ads on to promote your software business.

Hire Someone To Help

Let’s say you prefer designing your Display Ad before you look for a platform to feature it on. What’s the first thing you do? You design a marketing strategy. However, as we mentioned earlier, software companies have just enough on their hands to beat out the competition without having to worry about designing ads as well.

One way to make your life easier concerning this would be to hire the services of a PPC expert or agency. These people will be able to craft an effective Digital Marketing Campaign for you which will help you establish a strong online presence. A good PPC expert may not come cheap, but they’ll get the job done for you and design an ad with great graphics and engaging written content.

If you hire the services of a PPC agency rather than an expert, you could also ask them to help you identify the right platforms to feature ads for your software business – for an additional fee, of course.

How We Can Help

Designing your ads and getting the content right for them is one thing, but finding the right websites to host them is quite another. If you don’t have enough time on your hands (and what with running a software business we’re not surprised if you don’t), you could reach out to us and we’ll make this a lot easier for you. Our tools can allow you to create an algorithm based on the needs of your software business and narrow it down on sites online using the same.

Our team of dedicated professionals will help your software brand find its voice and announce your presence to all potential customers online. And you can have all of this at a price that’s so affordable that it’s sure to surprise you.

Are you convinced yet? Good! Let’s get started!