Unlike a few years ago when online dating was pretty much synonymous with Tinder, those looking to find partners online have dozens upon dozens of dating services to choose from. Granted, there was a stigma attached to such services before, but using one is no big deal anymore. For those companies that offer online dating services, however, this increase in demand can be a double-edged sword. After all, with an increase in demand comes an increase in competition, and with an increase in competition comes an increased need to stand out.

In short, if you don’t have a sound marketing strategy to help you stay afloat among the sea of dating sites and apps out there, you’re courting trouble (see what I did there?). Remember, the most important aspect of a dating service isn’t how it looks and what its packages are priced like, it’s how many people are using it. Therefore, getting users (free or otherwise) to sign up for your service as soon as possible is of the essence here.  

A good marketing strategy won’t just include designing your Display Ads, it would also include your website placements for these ads. If you believe that placements are unimportant, think of the game of chess, where placement is everything and one wrong move could either spell triumph or disaster. Ad placements are quite similar to chess in that sense, the right placement could boost the sales and reputation of your company whereas the wrong one could cost you dearly in many ways.

Okay, so now that we’ve established that ad placements are important, let’s discuss how you can find websites to feature ads on for your dating services/app/blog.

Look For One Online (With Google!)

I know, I know, this piece of advice is so elementary that it almost sounds comical. Of course, you’re going to look for a website online, where else would you look for one, right? Well, what I meant was, look for the right one online. Confused? Well, think of it this way, how would an ad for a dating app look on a website that compares costs of car insurance policies? Pretty silly, right?

That’s why you need to look for a website that’s likely to attract the traffic that you’d consider to be your target audience. Google can help you there. A simple Google search can cough up dozens of results on sites that regularly feature the kinds of ads that you’d like to feature. Nailing down the keywords and phrases you’d need for these searches can be tricky at times so here are a few to get you started:

  •         Online dating services near me
  •         Online dating services in XYZ (your location)
  •         Online dating services free
  •         Online dating services paid
  •         Online dating service list

These searches should yield promising results, but I have to warn you that all this searching can get quite tiresome after a while. This is especially true if you’re managing multiple aspects of your business and have to do this by yourself as well. Luckily, there are ways around this. Let’s discuss these too.

Hire Someone Who Can Help

There are these wonderful individuals that you can now hire to handle every aspect of your marketing strategy from graphic design and content writing to data analytics and website placement. A PPC expert is sure to know their way around the internet quite deftly and is more than capable of finding the best placements for your display ads. It would be especially useful to hire one of these specialists if you don’t already have an internal marketing department to handle your placements.

Besides, a PPC expert would likely find the kind of sites that fit into your dating service niche. For instance, if your service is geared towards middle-aged or older individuals, a PPC expert will find you a site that’s frequented by people of this age group. On the other hand, if you’re all about appealing to younger singles, your expert will find you sites that receive good traffic from young adults.

So is there a catch here? You bet there is – hiring a PPC expert doesn’t come cheap. If you’re a large company and would like a detailed marketing strategy/campaign, then you may need to hire more than one PPC expert. So, it’s all rosy if you’re willing to shell out but if you’re not, then read on.

Use Our Tool

The options we’ve discussed above are both highly effective and may well succeed at helping you find the right sites to advertise your dating service on. However, we’d like to offer you another solution, that of using our tool. Our tool effectively sifts through scores of sites very carefully to give you only the best placement suggestions. So how does it work exactly? Well, our tool creates an algorithm for you based on your Display Ads. It then runs this algorithm to find perfect placements that’ll increase your visibility.

In doing so, it’ll help you enjoy more positive engagement from viewers than you ever did before. Granted, our tool isn’t free, but it’s not what you could call expensive either. To give you an approximate estimate, it would cost you less than hiring a PPC expert, agency, or taking on a marketing employee. Moreover, our team of committed individuals is always ready to help you understand how our tool works and how much it’s aiding your ad campaign.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s get you started then!